(starts with sounds and then words, then sentences!)

THE BEST WORDS, applied to the successful outcome of day to day communications is vital!
Proactive communication, is a necessity that should be encouraged at an early age,

all the good words, to help get results!

Wilamina is a compelling character, whose lowly upbringing is oh so relatable to the sub 5 population in this scenario.


With a story of Wila and her mission, and orgainically build within the interface of these pages, a 'learning landscape' with which the student can engage, to act out the repeat, reuse, recycle of the most effective words to work towards the desired outcome, before moving on to greater recycling challenges.


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A Worm With a Mission?


Wilamina comes from a long lineage of recyclers, and the children's library she lives in has all the recycling tools she needs.

The crux of her mission is delivering
a most important message:

"Bugs don't litter, people do!"

(and getting there is half the fun)

Wila's view from the bottom of the food chain has it's parallels in early childhood.

What she discovers about herself and her humans, leads us on a wild goose chase into the development of self realization, confidence and education, with a little histerically styled/tongue in cheek references thrown in for a parent's good measure.

Like a dog with a bone, but with bigger fish to fry...


Wila's Guiding Principles:

1. Words are our first and most valuable tools

2. Never underestimate the power of a child's intelligence or understanding

3. Children will consume as much of an adult's time as adults have to offer...(until both are exhausted)

4. Practice makes perfect,(supported in part by kid friendly interative programming)

5. Childrens capabilities can rise to the level of those around them.

6. With Holistic education, fostering a comprehensive approach to teaching where educators seek to address the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of students in an integrated learning format.

Give Wilamina Shakespeare a try